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Why Purchase Costume Jewellery?

Why Purchase Costume Jewellery?

Bricks and mortar shops are kings for jewellery shoppers, new survey shows

The majority (79%) of costume jewellery shoppers buy in-store with nearly a third (28%) favouring independent retailers and 72% prefer seeing jewellers over online when studying a purchase, reports a new survey.

The survey found that the largest percentage (44%) of shoppers spend between GBP26 and GBP100 on costume jewellery with one in ten splashing out over GBP200. Twenty percent buys greater than one piece in a single trip.

While favouring mortar and bricks for purchasing, costume jewellery shoppers sought assurance that was online with one in five visiting societal routes or reviews prior to buying. Of those who purchased online, 65% used a desktop computer rather than a cellular phones.

The majority (85%) of shoppers purchased costume jewellery for themselves – 44% said they felt like handling themselves and a third were buying for a special occasion.

Emotion ranked top on their largest sway to buy with 91% citing their ‘love as the single most important driver for a piece’. In terms of more tangible influences to purchase, the very best three were rated as assistance in the store, price along with the person they were shopping with.

Sue Benson, managing director in The Marketplace Creative said: “Bricks and mortar are clearly kings when it comes to shoppers purchasing costume jewellery, so it’s crucial that jewellers make the most of their in-store marketing.

5 marketing ideas to affect jewellery shoppers to act:

  • Consider window displays and do not miss out on an opportunity – do your shops shout fine or costume?
  • Consider comprehension to be driven by trading occasions that are vital
  • Ensure your shopping experience is not consistent yet channel irrelevant online and in store
  • Bring reviews and social shares in store influence and to carry shoppers
  • Occasionally shoppers only desire a little nudge – belief coworker training or real-time offers to act as the justification girls need