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Difference Between Platinum and Titanium

Difference Between Platinum and Titanium

If stature and quality are important factors when selecting your jewelry you’d probably save your pennies or take out a sizeable loan and go for platinum! Most high street jewellers tear with platinum rings and will emphasise the advantages of strength. However, this is when one compares platinum to gold. Let’s face it, any sales race will boost expense as worth! Interestingly titanium is, in reality, the hardest metal on earth, making these wedding bands more resistant to scrapes and dents, sliding platinum into the second position for several!

Jewellers discover it far more difficult to polish out scratches etc., although titanium is more immune to damage it is important to note that should your ring become damaged In comparison platinum in the hands of a superb jewellery can be readily restored to its initial condition. This leads me onto this issue of weight. I realise that individuals also consider a ring with a weightier not only to be valuable but also feels more precious!

Whereas platinum is quite dense, hence significantly heavier, titanium is extremely lightweight. For instance, exactly the same design in a titanium ring would roughly be priced at four to five times significantly less than an exact replica in platinum.

The cost of a ring will even change depending on the intricacy of the design. Depending on an individual’s preference there are several other factors to take into account. For example details like platinum brilliant white look is possibly aesthetically pleasing to some – this metal does not oxidise compared to titanium which at high temperatures does have an inclination to oxidise.

It’s useful to know that as many people experience allergies to certain metals both platinum and titanium are 100 percent hypoallergenic, meaning no matter your budget you can choose for either metal and still have that particular design whether it Prices 5000 or 50 pounds!

At the close of the day. It is your special day, so go for a metal and layout of your choice not necessarily what society would indicate is better just because it costs more!

Wedding bands are all beautiful in their own way due to the sentimental worth, not the price or the carrot! It is amazing because you chose it!