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Jewelry News and Information

Jewelry News and Information

Jewelry Facts

A guide on buying engagement rings.

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Estate Jewelry

A jewelry that is already owned by someone.

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Costume Jewelry

Why shoppers buy costume jewelry.

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Why Purchase Costume Jewellery?

Why Purchase Costume Jewellery?

Bricks and mortar shops are kings for jewellery shoppers, new survey shows The majority (79%) of costume jewellery shoppers buy in-store with nearly a third (28%) favouring independent retailers and 72% prefer seeing jewellers over online when studying a purchase,...

Truth About Estate Jewellery

Estate refers to that type of jewellery that’s been formerly owned by somebody else. Generally a close buddy or a relative. Estate jewellery can sometimes be mistaken with Antique jewellery (made at least 100 years past) or the Classic type (that contains jewels made between 1940 and 1980).

The Estate jewellery period contains only the most important minutes/decades of time characterised by beautiful vogue ages when people were really concerned with their looks and appearances. Society had an extremely powerful weight on exactly what you ought to wear depending on your own social status and how you ought to behave. Now, purchasing and wearing valuable gems worn in those periods might bring back facts and some historical memory that we have just dreamed about for so long.

Can help us find and envision the world forgotten and locked up in Museums and novels. Estate includes the subsequent amounts of time, as we were saying:


Between 1714 and 1837, jewellery was quite rare and only handmade with nature-inspired designs (leaves or fowl). At that time, skull motifs and coffins were also in vogue after the Memento Mori jewellery movement appeared. read more…

Difference Between Platinum and Titanium

If stature and quality are important factors when selecting your jewelry you’d probably save your pennies or take out a sizeable loan and go for platinum! Most high street jewellers tear with platinum rings and will emphasise the advantages of strength. However, this is when one compares platinum to gold. Let’s face it, any sales race will boost expense as worth! Interestingly titanium is, in reality, the hardest metal on earth, making these wedding bands more resistant to scrapes and dents, sliding platinum into the second position for several!

Jewellers discover it far more difficult to polish out scratches etc., although titanium is more immune to damage it is important to note that should your ring become damaged In comparison platinum in the hands of a superb jewellery can be readily restored to its initial condition. This leads me onto this issue of weight. I realise that individuals also consider a ring with a weightier not only to be valuable but also feels more precious!

Whereas platinum is quite dense, hence significantly heavier, titanium is extremely lightweight. For instance, exactly the same design in a titanium ring would roughly be priced at four to five times significantly less than an exact replica in platinum.

The cost of a ring will even change depending on the intricacy of the design. Depending on an individual’s preference there are several other factors to take into account. For example details like platinum brilliant white look is possibly aesthetically pleasing to some – this metal does not oxidise compared to titanium which at high temperatures does have an inclination to oxidise. read more…

How To Wear Business And Casual Jewelry

How To Wear Business And Casual Jewelry

Most people know that there is a plain difference in the acceptable dress in a specialist, business setting as compared to a friendly, informal setting. Girls know to wear nicer blouses with the dress or a formal skirt.

There’s a sizable focus in modern day society on dressing correctly either for the position you are interviewing for or for the occupation you now have, but one small, yet important detail is often left out of the discussion.

What Jewellery to wear?

Jewellery can declare a lot about a person, and knowing what your jewellery says about you is critical in just about any setting, especially in a professional one. It may look superficial an interviewer would base his or her choice on what watch or earrings a potential candidate is wearing, but the reality is much of the hiring procedure is done subconsciously, and so communicating the right impression can go ways towards securing the occupation. As a whole, you’re being assessed in an interview or place of employment, not only by what’s coming out of your mouth.

Business Setting

In a small business setting, less is usually more. They can be quite distracting during dialogues although the light just the way you like it may be caught by big, dangling earrings. In case your position in your organisation is a “power” position, getting matching jewellery can increase a persona all that much more. Sleek, stylish, uncomplicated designs are preferable. In essence, you would like the necklace to be noticed by someone, watch, or ring for being exceptional, but not for being ostentatious or flamboyant. read more…

Things To Know About Engagement Rings

Things To Know About Engagement Rings

The typical cost for an Engagement Ring now stands at around 2K. Tradition states you should be spending around two months wages on that particular item. But there are really so many choices to consider when purchasing a ring that the typical amount really does get thrown out of the window. A beautiful appearing ring works its way up to a trendy GBP1 million and can begin as low as GBP300.

Your closing ring choice is governed by a number of factors, including: What metal your partner desires, clarity, diamond cut, diamond colour and the diamond size. The diamond shape makes a difference to the price.

What matters is the fact that you pay for something representing your budget and shows your true feelings towards your partner.

Below is a listing of intriguing truth about Engagement Rings.

1) The most popular diamond shape is the round brilliant cut. Determined by the type of shank you select it does tend to show off the diamond. The round definitely scores high on overall BLING & WOW variable.

2) GIA and IGI are a couple of the most respected diamond grading labs in the world. So you understand precisely what your purchasing diamonds are graded by them. If the diamond does not have any certification ensure the business you are purchasing from has a great reputation for supplying great quality stock and may guarantee themselves that it’s great quality. read more…